Our Featured Speakers

Amritjot Saini

Amritjot is an experienced and accomplished Mortgage specialist with years of experience in dealing with hundreds of First-time Home Buyers and Investors. Amritjot specializes in handling tedious applications through the mortgage process and getting challenging mortgages (low income, credit score or downpayment) approved. With his expertise in mortgage programs offered by the Big6, Prime, Sub-prime and Private lenders, Amritjot structures your mortgage and finds the best lenders to save you money.

As a host and speaker for the Investors series, Amrit extends his expertise to participants and attendees looking to navigate the mortgage process - regardless of their experience with investments, or the complexity of their applications.

Ajay Augustine

Ajay is a trusted Real Estate Salesperson & Advisor with Right at Home Realty Inc.. People choose to work with Ajay, due to his proven success as a champion for First-Time-Home-Buyers and his winning representation for newcomer real-estate buyers and investors in Ontario - especially new immigrants who have chosen to make Canada their home. He brings over a decade and a half of corporate experience, skills and customer passion that have enabled his clients to successfully navigate the market and find the real estate investments of their dreams in Ontario.

Ajay works tirelessly to partner and host networking events and information sessions for a variety of audiences with the intent to empower buyers and investors with the advice and information they need to make informed decisions.